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The National Law University, Jodhpur has been established with a twin purpose of advancing the cause of interdisciplinary approach in the study of Law and other social and natural sciences as well as to cater to the needs of the society by developing professional skills in the students so that after graduating from this University, they can face the daunting challenges of life in a new environment of liberalized and globalized economy wherein the law and the lawyer has to pay a pivotal role. Today's lawyer has too many onerous tasks to deal with and to achieve them in the complexities of social, economic, political and scientific matters. The role of a lawyer to be an advocate of his client is passe, as the lawyer of today has to act as a social engineer in the best traditions of his understanding of various societal processes as the law is the only filtering system to differentiate between the chaffee and the grain. It is also manifested that with the onward march of civilization, the study of law for today's lawyers has gone beyond the study of statutes, precedents and customs as the lawyer of today has to understand' 'lawyers extra version' i.e. he has to be well-versed in disciplines other than law also, otherwise he may remain half baked bread which is not worth the effort of making a bread.
The National Law University, Jodhpur has introduced a new experiment of innovation in instilling in tomorrow's lawers a sense of belonging to law as a profession commensurate with the indispensable interplay of other sciences and management so that he has full faith in himself while facing the brave world which is beckoning him to deliver to the expectations of a society which is international in character. The lawyer of 21 century has to do global lawyering and therefore it is imperative that he must be fully equipped with knowledge of comprehensive transnational legal system as well as be capable of taking independent decisions. As lawyers of tomorrow, you are lawyers of transnational-based science civilization. Thus, therefore, the National Law University, Jodhpur has developed a unique experiment of admitting the brightest of the bright students after 10+2 at a young age of seventeen years and putting them to rigorous education, training and skill development in an interdisciplinary context of law, social and other sciences in an ambience where the student can mature to his fullest ability.
The National Law University, Jodhpur has taken the challenge to train law students in the real dynamics of decisional structures, dialectics of dialogue in International Economics, Intellectual Property, Negotiations, Criminal Law, Human Right, Humanitarian Rights and WTO etc, which have influenced the goals of legal education in India.
The National Law University, Jodhpur to achieve its objectives has established a fairly good core faculty of law, management and science academicians in whose hands and patronage these young and bright students are moulded with knowledge and value added legal education which would give them the cutting edge to face the challenges of profession, to be suitably employable in public, commercial and other organizations both at the national and international levels, as well as to pursue higher studies.
The National Law University, Jodhpur is carved in such a fashion that the students of this University can proudly compare themselves with the products of IITs, and leading Law Schools of the world. The National Law University, Jodhpur has devised the courses as jewels in the crown of the legal education in India for the reason that the teaching and research in the University is being carried in an integrated and holistic manner by establishing five schools of learning such as School of Policy Science, Management, Science, Languages and Law. The intertwining of these five schools allows free play of essential elements necessary for lawyers to achieve the best heights in the legal profession and other vocations available to them in their future.
The National Law University, Jodhpur puts great emphasis on students as a human resource which have to be developed with a cutting edge technology in law and as such the learning and academic skills imparted to them at the National Law University, Jodhpur makes the students highly prized experts in various vocations available to them viz; public officials, lawyers, Judges, corporate managers et al; fully competent to deal with law and its interplay with science, management, policy science and other disciplines.
The twenty first century is a century of knowledge where knowledge is a commodity, more so the legal knowledge has been subjected to value addition and therefore as the students of National Law University, the students will be developing nuances of knowledge based society wherein the polarization of processes has an accumulation of knowledge and learning process is fully pregnant with instructions.
The National Law University, Jodhpur has made some strides in developing institutions of higher learning such as Dr. L.M. Singhvi School of Constitutional Governance whose building has come into existence. Dr. L.M. Singhvi is a jurist of international repute and the University is grateful to him for extending his fullest cooperation in building a School of Constitutional Governance. The aim of the School of Constitutional Governance is to develop a cutting edge of the leading technology and research training for Economists, Parliamentarians. Advocates and other lawmen.
The University has established a distance mode of learning for Postgraduate Degree in Criminal Law and Forensic Science and Trade Related Laws, which is of three years (Six Semesters) duration. The responses to these courses have been tremendous. The National Law University, Jodhpur is fortunate enough to establish:-
  • Center for Studies in Insurance (CIS)
  • Center for Studies in Banking and Financial Institutions (CSBFI)
  • Center for Studies in Agriculture and Laws (CSAL)
  • Center for Human Rights Education and Research (CHEAR)
  • Center for WTO Studies (CWS) and
The National Law University, Jodhpur is also in the process of establishing one more important Center viz Regional Economic Grouping/Free Trade Areas which shall essentially deal with EEC, NAFTA, SAFTA, ASEAN, SARAC etc. The University admits students on the basis of the all India National Entrance Test and therefore the University assures the parents, children and the civil society that the students admitted in the University shall be extended intensive teaching and skills in all the streams as reflected in the Prospectus of the University. The University assures that the students admitted shall turn out to be excellent, brilliant and confident lawyers to face the challenges ahead of them in their lives.

Prof. A.K. Koul
Vice Chancellor

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