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(a) Faculty of Law
  1. Lord Brenan - Life Peer and member, House of Lords, United Kingdom, Queen's Council and former Chairman of Bar of England and Wales.

  2. Mr. Donald Bollela - Engineer, Lawyer and a leading intellectual property attorney of USA.

(b) Faculty of Sciences
  1. Prof. (Madam) Lilian Hubert - Pfalzgraf (University of Lyon, France) - Professor of Chemistry and Material Science at the University of Nice, Southern France. Specializes in the field of Chemical Routes to Advanced Materials - High Tech Oxides and Non-Oxides Ceramics.

  2. Prof. Margaret Brasier (University of Manchester, England) - Professor of Law, University of Manchester.

  3. Prof. Basant Raj Bhandari (Former Principal Advisor, UNCTAD Geneva, Switzerland).

  4. Prof. John Brennan (Rutzgers University, New Jersey, USA), researcher in the field of lanthanide chalcogenido clusters.

(c) Faculty of Policy Sciences
  1. Dr. Subhasish Gangopadhyay - Director of CII Research Institute and Professor in the Indian Statistical Institute.

  2. Dr. T.C.A. Anant - Professor of Delhi School of Economics.

  3. Prof. Manas Chatterjee - Professor, Management, State University of New York, Binghamton, USA.

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