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On Retirement of Hon'ble Justice Thomas
by Haresh A. Raichura*

Cite as : (2002) PL WebJour 1

News spread from East to West
And from North to South
that he too has retired.

When the news reached in jungles,
A small sparrow wondered,
"Who will protect me tomorrow?"

When the news reached in prison walls,
An inmate wondered,
"Where will forgiveness live tomorrow?"

When the news reached to juniors,
Some juniors wondered,
"Who will help us tomorrow
to see through
Our own foggy thinking?"

When the news reached to seniors,
Some seniors wondered,
"Why are we unable to find words
To express our loss?"

And when the Judge reached
Near the mountains,
He climbed down from his horse,
And looked back at the jungle
he had just crossed.

Then he looked at the mountains,
And whispered to himself,
"I have mountains to move
before I sleep."

* Advocate, Supreme Court Return to Text

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