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Welcome to the New Supreme Court Judges
by Honorary Editor

Cite as : (1972) 2 SCC (Jour) 19

We have great pleasure in welcoming the three new Supreme Court Judges Sarveshree Justice Narayan Dwivedi, Justice Arun Kumar Mukherjea and Justice Yashwant Vishnu Chandra Chud. Their Lordships hail with high reputation respectively from the High Courts of Allahabad, Calcutta and Bombay. With the addition, the Supreme Court has got a full compliment of 14 Judges which is a very good augury for dispensing of efficient Justice with least delay.

The Supreme Court of India has sustained a high reputation in upholding the dignity and prestige of the judiciary. It has always been a sentinel on the qui vive in safeguarding the rights and liberties of the citizens of India. A time has come when this great sentinel is very nearly called upon to uphold the sanctity of the Judicial power. There has been of late, much discussions as to the need of the curbing the Judicial power. In this Silver Jubilee Year of Independence of India, it is of the utmost necessity that constitutional intendment as to the three powers: the executive, the legislative, and the judicial must be upheld in the interest of the nation's future. Momentous decisions are awaited from the Supreme Court vis-a-vis the judicial power and the limits of the legislative power. The nation looks forward to the Supreme Court to adjudge in these regards in all sanctity and constitutional proprieties.

We are sure that the Supreme Court as now fully constituted will uphold the constitutional provisions adumbrated in the national document of 1950.

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