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Looking Forward to 1973
by Editors
Cite as : (1973) 1 SCC (Jour) 1

The beginning of the New Year is the time for greetings, for new hopes and greater ambitions. It is also the time for newer expectations. So, in this joyous mood we wish our esteemed subscribers and patrons a HAPPY NEW YEAR with many wishes for their prosperity and happiness.

For Supreme Court Cases the New Year marks the beginning of the 5th year and the completion of a very successful 4th year.

We combines our completeness with promptness by bringing out the Supplement Vol. (1972) 3 SCC of mostly unreported decisions in October itself. In the year 1972, Supreme Court Cases has brought out the highest number of 2715 pp. of Law report, incorporating full judgments, and 185 pp. of advance notes of recent cases, making it the most complete and exhaustive source for Supreme Court cases. We kept up the tradition of promptly reporting all the important and valuable judgments by bringing out the Newsprint case (1972) 2 SCC 788 in a record time of 16 days (Judgment delivered on October 30, 1972 reported in the issue of November, 15). This and so many other important decisions reported in all the three volumes of 1972 Supreme Court Cases have not been reported so far in any other journal. In the matter of service we are happy to record that we have been able to supply the Index of (1972) 2 SCC in its last issue of December 15. Exhaustive Indexes have been made for each Vol. to increase their utility and usefulness.

We also wish to thank the learned authors of the articles in the for their incisive and erudite views and comments. We look forward to greater participation by our readers in the and welcome their articles and case comments.

The year of 1973 holds even greater promises. Plans are underway for achieving even more in the direction of promptness, completeness and improved service. We have received in abundance appreciation, understanding and co-operation from all our subscribers and while thanking them are ready to meet their newer expectations.

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