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The New Year
by Editors

Cite as : (1974) 1 SCC (Jour) 1

We are glad to greet our subscribers with a bigger and clearer type for headnotes and judgments. With this we fulfil the long standing desire of esteemed subscribers especially the senior lawyers and Judges.

The reporting of cases in 1973 has been with promptness and completeness, maximum number of cases, reportable and non-reportable, having been reported. The sensational Fundamental Rights case was also reported very promptly. A new feature was the summary of arguments of the leading Counsels in the Fundamental Rights case. We are hopeful that in future also this could be made possible for the major decisions at least.

Distinguished jurists and writers have contributed to the of Supreme Court Cases. On the Fundamental Rights case the comments of Messrs N.A. Palkhivala, K. Subba Rao and N.S. Bindra have been published. The other case-comments and articles have been widely welcomed and the coming year will see more of them.

We are grateful to our subscribers for their continued support and patronage and with that assurance we hope to bring the best in the reporting of Supreme Court Cases.

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