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Full Court Reference held in the Memory of Late Shri R.L. Kohli, Senior Advocate by
(2006) PL WebJour 3
Declaring Law ... byVinod K. Kantha
(2006) PL WebJour 2
Full Court Reference in Memory of Late Shri G.L. Sanghi, Senior Advocate by
(2006) PL WebJour 1
Compulsory Schooling and Child Labour byAshok Agarwal
(2005) PL August (J) 13
Key issues related to protection of Human Rights of Civilians in Armed Conflicts bySaurabh Jan
(2004) PL WebJour 22
Death Sentence: Repeal or Retention Riddle byDr. Chandrika Prasad Sharma
(2004) PL WebJour 21
Transgression of Federalism: A Critique Of Supreme Court Decision in Kulwant Kaur v. Gurdial Singh Mann byBalwant Singh Malik
(2004) PL WebJour 20
Reservation/Set-Asides in Services in India And USA bySheela Rai
(2004) PL WebJour 19
From Rome to the Hague — An Appraisal of the International Criminal Court bySarvesh Singh and Saurabh Mishra
(2004) PL WebJour 18
Privacy Issues in Data Protection : National and International Laws byFaizan Mustafa
(2004) PL WebJour 16
Competition Law: Glancing Back, Looking Ahead byAkash Choubey and Saurabh Mishra
(2004) PL WebJour 17
Scope of Enquiry of Civil Courts Under Section 8 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 byM.V. Sundararaman
(2004) JUNE PL (Jour) 13
Land Acquisition for “Companies” : Part II Or Part VII? byDr Avinash Mandke M.S. (Orth)
(2004) PL WebJour 15
Applicability of the Civil Procedure Code to Matters Before the Civil Courts Under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 byG. Subba Rao
(2004) JUNE PL (Jour) 16
Can the Present International Space Law Prevent an Arms Race in Outer Space? bySaurabh Jain
(2004) PL WebJour 14
Election Manifestos byN. Pradeep Kumar
(2004) PL WebJour 13
Where does indian disability law stand in the present international scenario? bySaurabh Jain
(2004) PL WebJour 12
Right of Jains to be Declared as a Minority based on Religion – Some Observations byDr P.C. Jain
(2004) PL WebJour 10
Interlinking of Rivers byDharamveer Singh and Pankaj Singh
(2004) PL WebJour 11
A Comment on Shreejee Traco (I) (P) Ltd. v. Paperline International Inc. byN. Swaminathan
(2004) PL WebJour 9
International Criminal Court — Politics Of The “Unlike-Minded” Nations bySarvesh Singh and Saurabh Mishra
(2004) PL WebJour 8
Role of Armed Forces in Maintenance of Peace with Special Reference to United Nations Charter byMajor (Dr.) Rajiv Vikram Singh Gautam
(2004) MAY PL (Jour) 13
“Tannery Files”: Tracing the SC Verdicts on India’S Polluting Tanneries byK. Sriram & Sundip Biswas
(2004) PL WebJour 7
Asset Valuation — Legal Aspects byG. Subba Rao
(2004) PL WebJour 6
“Parody of Justice”, Dress of Advocates Appearing in Courts of Higher Judiciary, Aping of British Colonial System Continued,Indian Rules Ignored With Impunity byK.L. Rathee
(2004) PL WebJour 5
Anti-Dumping: Rhetoric and Reality byAkash Choubey and Sarvesh Singh
(2004) PL WebJour 4
Environment Problems — Penal Action Required byNirmal Chopra
(2004) PL WebJour 3
Derivatives in India: Structure & Legal Concerns byAakash Choubey
(2004) PL WebJour 2
Biotechnology and Trade Laws byAshish Rana
(2004) PL WebJour 1
Freedom of Religion and Right to Conversion byJustice M.N. Rao
(2003) PL WebJour 19
Transgenic Seeds - A Genetic Sham byJayne Kuriakose and Mayank Mishra
(2003) PL WebJour 18
Rhetoric of Plant Variety Protection in India. byJayne Kuriakose and Mayank Mishra
(2003) PL WebJour 17
Should Euthanasia be Legalised in India? byShreyans Kasliwal
(2003) PL WebJour 16
Human Rights - Safeguards, Constitutional Provisions and Legislative Measures and Their Adequacy byJustice P.S. Narayana
(2003) PL WebJour 15
Remembering Dipankar Ghosh, Barrister byPradip Kumar Das
(2003) PL WebJour 14
Passing of Property in International Sale Contracts - A Conceptual Analysis byAashish Kaul
(2003) PL WebJour 13
Marital Rape - Myth, Reality and Need for Criminalization bySaurabh Mishra & Sarvesh Singh
(2003) PL WebJour 12
Some Aspects on Arbitration Law byRajinder Sachar
(2003) PL WebJour 11
The Significance of Human Rights and Its Correlation with Judicial Functioning byJustice M. Katju
(2003) PL WebJour 10
WTO: Impact on IT Sector byJustice Yatindra Singh
(2003) PL WebJour 9
Who Cares Litigants? Enjoy Vacations! byAsim Pandya
(2003) PL WebJour 8
Electoral Process on the Horns of a Dilemma byR.D. Jain
(2003) PL WebJour 7
The Unlawful War Against Iraq - The Doctrine of Anticipatory Self-Defense Examined Under International Law bySaurabh Mishra & Sarvesh Singh
(2003) PL WebJour 6
Re-Registration - The Procedure for Introduction of a Share Capital Clause in the Memorandum of a Company Limited by Guarantee byShreyans Kasliwal
(2003) PL WebJour 5
All About Plastic Cards byVinod K. Shah
(2003) PL WebJour 3
To Clone or Not To Clone byRukhmini Bobde
(2003) PL WebJour 4
"The Law Day" Address byMr R.K. Jain
(2003) PL WebJour 2
"The Law Day" Inaugural Address byMr G.B. Pattanaik
(2003) PL WebJour 1
Update on New Laws and Legislation bySuresh Chandra, ILS
(2002) PL WebJour 8
Rights and Dignity of Persons with Disability byDr Mohammed S. Hussain
(2002) PL WebJour 3
Child Labour: The Eritrean Scenario byDr Mohammed S. Hussain
(2002) PL WebJour 4
A Comment on Municipal Corporation of Greater Bombay v. the Industrial Development and Investment Company Pvt. Ltd byDr Arun Kumar Barthakur
(2002) PL WebJour 5
Intellectual Property Law in the New Technological Age byJustice P.S. Narayana
(2002) PL WebJour 6
Prevention of Money Laundering byVinod K. Shah
(2002) PL WebJour 7
Legal Education in India byJustice M. Katju
(2002) PL WebJour 2
On Retirement of Hon'ble Justice Thomas byHaresh A. Raichura
(2002) PL WebJour 1
The Hart-Fuller Debate byJustice Markandey Katju
(2001) PL WebJour 1
Extempore Speech Delivered at the First Judiciary-Executive Conference at Ranchi on 1st July, 2001 byChief Justice of India, Dr A.S. Anand
(2001) PL WebJour 3
The Bork Nomination and Prof. Dworkin byJustice Markandey Katju
(2001) PL WebJour 2
Constitutional Conventions: The Unwritten Maxims of the Constitution byAshutosh Salil & Tanmay Amar
2005 PL WebJour 3
Regulation of Defamation over the Internet : Judrisdictional Issues byTanmay Amar and Sarayu Natarajan
2005 PL WebJour 2
Trafficking of Women and Children : A Culture of Silence byDivya Malhotra
2005 PL WebJour 1

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